360 is a around view monitoring system for safe driving and parking assistant and offers virtual top-view (bird eye view) of vehicle to the driver.

Key Features:

> Easy and Convenient Parking   
> Avoiding Potential Accidents
> Working with Head Unit System easily
> Various Real Time View Mode
> User Friendly UI

The 360 is composed of four ultra-wide-angle lenses installed at the front, back, left, and right. The original images of the four cameras are combined by the ECU host (electronic processor) to form a complete top view of the surrounding landscape, as if on the top of the car.

It realizes 360 driving assistance without blind spots around the vehicle body, improving driving safety.

360 是經由安裝在前後左右4個超廣角鏡頭,將4個攝像頭的原影像, 通過ECU主機 (電子處理器) 合成一幅完整的環景俯視圖 如同在車的頂部。


Benz W213 E200 upgrade Imagic 360

BMW F15 X5 upgrade Imagic 360

Alphard + Apline +360

Bentley + 360

Porsche Caymann + 360

Benz CLS + 360

LandRover Discovery4


Key Feature :

1. Eliminates blind spots

2. Comprehensive view of the surrounding areas in a single image

3. Avoid Potential Accidents – Reduces collisions with people and objects

4. Various Real Time View Mode and optional Recording function

5. User Friendly UI